I don’t usually leave reviews unless I’m angry – but I had a really good experience with this company and the safe is far better than expected. Saved a ton of money.

- Dale

wow is this gun safe huge – it has to be to handle 84 guns. i don’t have that many guns to store at home, but i really like the build and quality of this – along with its ability to store just about anything i want in it. all for about 30-40% cheaper than what i was about to spend. glad i found this one, especially with the 120 minute fire rating. at that rating, the contents are more likely to be recovered so i feel safer. we are going to store everything from jewelry to cash to documents and other valuables in this so i want to ensure it will keep things safe during a fire.

- Larry Leubold

this thing is sweet – it has this rotary pronged safe handle with mechanical lock – usually it is a boring turn handle so that is why i chose this one. that and the price – not sure how they can get them so cheap and at such high quality but bravo.

- Phillip Smithy